Definition of reforge in English:



[with object]
  • Forge or create again or differently.

    ‘they wanted to reforge the identity of the nation’
    • ‘Now, like others generationally-distanced from Africa, they have reforged a New World ideology, hybridized of history, culture, and African American subjectivity.’
    • ‘The invasion of Egypt was abortive, as was Demetrius' year-long siege of Rhodes Finally the coalition of 315 was reforged.’
    • ‘Attempts were made to heal the wounds and reforge national unity.’
    • ‘The Dutch patriot movement also stood in the way of Orangist attempts to reforge the century-long alliance with the British, ruptured in 1780; so the patriots were promised every support from Versailles.’
    • ‘What this does demonstrate for certain is how long they worked their blades before switching to a new one or having it reforged.’
    • ‘More specifically, the connection comes from worshipping the Earth and reforging the link between the spiritual and the physical worlds, something mainstream religions have sought to negate in the past.’
    • ‘The renewed interest in this issue at the present has been generated by the concern of some evolutionary biologists to reforge the links between developmental embryology and evolutionary theory.’
    • ‘It is a sound we hear again later in the cycle - in Siegfried, Act I, Scene iii - when the eponymous hero reforges his father's shattered sword Notung.’
    • ‘Their partnership has been reforged in the heat of the election campaign, but it faces further daunting challenges.’
    • ‘And beyond that, we have to reforge our ideas and hopes, based on those simple ideas of Chomsky or the French Enlightenment, and move forward from there.’
    • ‘Fergie was delighted as the reforged defence looked solid and dependable for much of the game, with Gary Neville standing out as Boro were kept at bay.’
    • ‘Slightly battered and worn down, it was quite obvious that some of them had been reforged and repaired, judging by the varying degrees of tarnish upon them.’
    • ‘As it was quite expensive the iron he used often came from reforged broken tools or other items.’
    • ‘Online society is primarily a society of personal relations, which must be continually cultivated and reforged in a relatively unstable and unclear environment.’
    • ‘Indeed, the culture of the common people, a rapidly increasing proportion of whom were located in towns and cities, was constantly being reforged and reinvented in the crucible of commercialization and urbanization.’
    • ‘By that time the very essence of his language has been reforged, and he can no longer either speak or think without allusion to her.’
    • ‘Worlds collide, souls are broken and reforged and lives are irrevocably altered.’
    • ‘Green party policies are policies for people, all about reforging the links between government and the community.’
    • ‘Chains were tensioned and wheels greased as old adversaries reforged friendships yesterday ahead of today's Imana Wild Ride along the Wild Coast.’
    • ‘The connection between rationality and culture has been reforged in explorations of the interaction of norms and institutions; norms provide mechanisms of coordination and interaction that resolve problems of multiple equilibria.’