Definition of reforestation in English:



mass noun
  • The process of replanting an area with trees.

    ‘the need for post-fire reforestation’
    as modifier ‘a massive reforestation project to renew soil fertility’
    • ‘The Institute provides the scientific expertise to ensure the reforestation work takes into account the tigers' habitat needs.’
    • ‘Reforestation is an essential step toward restoring forest areas damaged by wildfire.’
    • ‘The hearing gave us an opportunity to call attention to our concerns in recent years with the reforestation process.’
    • ‘The memorandum warned that 20,000 acres lay in desperate need of reforestation.’
    • ‘The economic reality of the Pacific Northwest lumber industry is an important backdrop for thinking about reforestation.’
    • ‘The company donates a percentage of proceeds to reforestation projects around the world.’
    • ‘They cut down the trees without any regard for fresh shoots or reforestation.’
    • ‘In most cases, reforestation is done by planting seedlings or using natural regeneration methods.’
    • ‘In the rush to implement a giant program, reforestation contracts were awarded in a haphazard fashion.’
    • ‘The cost of reforestation, however, has prevented most private landowners from changing the land use on their own.’