Definition of reforest in English:



[with object]
  • Replant with trees; cover again with forest.

    ‘a project to reforest the country's coastal areas’
    • ‘The WWRC set a goal of planting 1,000 trees to help reforest the community.’
    • ‘Since 1993, Oakhurst has been helping to reforest the Portland area through the Oakhurst Millennium Tree Challenge.’
    • ‘Each tree purchase aids efforts to reforest ecosystems and habitats across the United States and around the world.’
    • ‘The project will reforest old crop fields and pastures and an abandoned rock quarry that has degraded over the years.’
    • ‘During this meeting, the provincial assembly drew up a detailed plan for reforesting the mountains of Fujian and adhering to the national forest policy.’
    • ‘It has put forward no plans, however, to force timber companies to reforest the stripped areas and made no mention of the ongoing logging activities.’
    • ‘It would reforest land around several streams, restore three damaged springs, and use alternative techniques to control erosion.’
    • ‘‘When the five-year program ends in 2007, a total of 3 million hectares of wasteland across the country will be reforested,’ Prakosa said.’
    • ‘A portion of the book proceeds go to maintaining and reforesting the site.’
    • ‘Highland areas would be reforested to create a filter through which rain and groundwater could be purified for use in the more populated valleys and lowlands.’
    • ‘As efforts to reforest the Earth gain momentum and as tree plantations expand, tree planting will emerge as a leading economic activity.’
    • ‘The Lincoln Boyhood Nature Trail is a circular trail, approximately one mile in length, which winds through a natural reforested area.’
    • ‘With that aid, they're building wells, increasing chicken and goat production, reforesting their land with fruit-bearing trees and cassava, and planting maize, beans and sweet potatoes.’
    • ‘Much of the land being reforested is marginal farmland lying within the flood plain.’
    • ‘The Global ReLeaf campaign aims to plant 300,000 hillside trees and 3,000 street trees to reforest denuded slopes in and around the city.’
    • ‘Some of those trees will reforest a site at Sikhote-Alin Reserve in the Far East that suffers from yearly wildfires.’
    • ‘All three components are tightly linked in a cooperative research program to reforest Missouri floodplains once dominated by oaks and other native trees.’
    • ‘Finally, the book concludes by looking at the last several decades of the farm's history, when the federal government purchased the land and began reforesting it with loblolly pines.’
    • ‘In the initial stages of reforesting the land, water had to be carried daily for the saplings from as far away as three kilometres.’
    • ‘We continued reforesting the hills around Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.’