Definition of refold in English:



[with object]
  • Fold (something) up again.

    ‘she refolded the newspaper and placed it back on the counter’
    • ‘I lost count of how many times the Ali McCoist style waiters called us ‘guys’ and yet kept wanting to refold our napkins and pour our wine (even after we repeatedly told them not to).’
    • ‘‘I think somebody besides me on this phone line likes Michael,’ I teased, refolding another bunch of clothes from the last drawer.’
    • ‘She basically went all to pieces and I spent more than an hour angrily muttering and refolding every piece of linen in the closet so that when I was finished, it looked like this.’
    • ‘I have found myself many times in foreign lands hopelessly trying to refold enormous maps back to their original pocket size.’
    • ‘Elisa refolded the paper and returned it to David.’
    • ‘With careful and unconscious precision he folded and refolded the corner of his sheet into and out of a meaningless pattern.’
    • ‘Place the fabric on the cutting mat, refolding it to align the cut bias edges.’
    • ‘Also, refolding it on a regular basis will lessen the dirt lines and permanent creases.’
    • ‘Reading, absorbing and finally refolding Jess's letter, I placed it between my literature textbooks and the CDs that had accumulated into an untidy pile when I'd neglected to put them in their proper place.’
    • ‘She zips up a pair of slacks and a skirt, refolds the pants on the crease line, and puts them into individual plastic bags.’
    • ‘He refolded the note and stuck it back into his pocket.’
    • ‘You'll be able to spend more time nursing, and less time trying to properly refold maps.’
    • ‘He stirred momentarily before refolding his arms and settling down.’
    • ‘Dean Taylor folded and refolded shirts on the Holiday display.’
    • ‘He refolded his nets and took them upstairs into the children's room where he stored them in padlocked wooden trunk along with various other poaching implements.’
    • ‘Andrew refolded them as best he could and took out the next pair.’
    • ‘He smiled again, before refolding the letter and slipping it back into the envelope.’
    • ‘Darren was in the process of trying to refold the map he'd spread out on his knees as we'd set off, and wasn't having much luck at that.’
    • ‘I read it first in my room, but refolded it and carried it with me to a study room on campus that was my favorite place in the entire university because it was old and wood-paneled and to me, scholarly.’
    • ‘She would overlook the slaves, mend and make clothing for her family, usually done by spinning or knitting, weave rugs and baskets for the home, or just fold and refold the clothing kept in the family chest.’