Definition of reflow in English:



mass noun
  • 1Computing
    The action of rearranging electronic text on a page having varied such features as type size, line length, and spacing.

  • 2Electronics
    A soldering technique in which surface-mount components are held in position on a circuit board using a paste containing solder which melts to form soldered joints when the circuit board is heated.

    • ‘The underside of the MCM is covered with a grid of solder ball contacts that have a relatively coarse spacing of 2-3 mm and can be attached to a circuit board using standard SMD or solder reflow techniques.’
    • ‘Various techniques are available for hermetic sealing include resistance welding and solder reflow.’
    • ‘During reflow of the solder joints of the electronic module by heating, the modified passivation reacts with the polyamine at the amine functionality.’
    • ‘The instrument and method may be used in the manufacture of integrated circuits, for instance in determining how much time an integrated circuit package spends between an equilibration temperature and a reflow temperature.’
    • ‘This will use short pins into placing holes with a solder reflow process rather than the through hole pressfit technique which usually means hand insertion but gives more mechanical strength.’


[with object]
  • 1Computing
    Rearrange (electronic text) on a page having varied such features as type size, line length, and spacing.

    ‘my desktop publisher must reflow copy from one column to another automatically’
    • ‘This means constantly reflowing the displayed elements, which may be delivered out of order (a problem word processors don't have).’
  • 2Electronics
    Attach (a surface-mount component) using the reflow technique.

    ‘a kit designed to reflow the majority of surface-mounted devices’
    • ‘I took some advice from the usually spot-on Simon and spent a pleasant two hours reflowing the solder on the circuit board in the hope of finding the dry joint… but to no avail.’
    • ‘This is a method and apparatus for assembling ball grid array components on printed circuit boards by reflowing before placement’
    • ‘The electronics industry utilizes hot gas soldering to reflow or melt solder in localized areas on circuit assemblies.’
    • ‘An anneal procedure is then performed resulting in a planar top surface topography of the reflowed BPSG layer.’