Definition of refloat in English:



  • Set afloat again.

    ‘it was hoped to refloat her on the next high water’
    figurative ‘consumer demand will eventually refloat the economy’
    • ‘There was little damage done and the vessel was soon refloated.’
    • ‘A ferry that ran aground in hurricane-force winds off the west coast of Scotland stranding 100 people on board was refloated by two tugs today.’
    • ‘Rescue teams had desperately tried to refloat the 36 ft creature and had hoped that at high tide on Sunday, they would be able to lift it from the sandbank and help it back out to sea.’
    • ‘Ten years ago, officials from the Western Isles Council were sweating, hoping, praying, that the BCCI would somehow be refloated; that they would go back to work on Monday with their finances restored.’
    • ‘Members of the ship's companies of HMS Chatham and RFA Diligence have helped repair and refloat a number of fishing boats from the town of Batticaloa on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘The Times & Citizen leads with the speculation that a 50 million pound lottery bid could refloat the Bedford / Milton Keynes Canal project and boost the Bedfordshire economy with hundreds of jobs.’
    • ‘After the war, when tankers were in desperately short supply, attempts were made to refloat this one.’
    • ‘The mutiny was put down and the ship repaired and refloated.’
    • ‘A ferry forced aground by hurricane-force winds was refloated yesterday after more than 30 hours at sea.’
    • ‘P&O hoped to refloat the ferry around 10 pm last night but called off the operation because it was unable to find a big enough tug to pull the vessel into harbour.’
    • ‘The salvage plan calls for a further 1000 to be brought ashore before the next attempt at refloating the 15-thousand ton vessel takes place next Wednesday or Thursday.’
    • ‘Today's meeting of the Ulster Unionist Party executive is regarded as a key indicator of whether the peace process deal can be refloated.’
    • ‘A traditional silver nail ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the work and the ship was refloated, with inclining experiments to check stability.’
    • ‘A disabled traveller whose boat has run aground at Linton Lock, near York, may have to wait for heavy rain before it is refloated.’
    • ‘Once Nottingham is refloated she will be towed into Portsmouth Naval Base, where repairs will be carried out by FSL, taking up to 18 months and costing £26 million.’
    • ‘It was hoped that a high tide might help the captain refloat the vessel.’
    • ‘Certainly it is known that in 1901 he was based in Hong Kong and he refloated the steamship München which had run aground on Yap, Caroline Islands.’
    • ‘In 2004, he made a £29 million tax-free profit when a consortium he led refloated Eircom, the former Irish state phone monopoly.’
    • ‘On March 16 the vessel was refloated and berthed at Cartagena.’
    • ‘The mammal was spotted by a member of the public and was finally refloated and sent safely on its way today after a four-and-a-half-hour effort.’