Definition of reflex camera in English:

reflex camera


  • A camera with a ground-glass focusing screen on which the image is formed by a combination of lens and mirror, enabling the scene to be correctly composed and focused.

    • ‘It is surprising the number of editors that have accepted work shot on these little cameras thinking that the pictures were taken with a larger single lens reflex camera.’
    • ‘I used about all of the Asian produced single lens reflex cameras available around that time, but none was as sharp and clear, nor as forgiving as my Leica.’
    • ‘When he was able to he bought a single lens reflex camera and the first camera club he joined was in Benoni.’
    • ‘What I wanted was what my eye was accustomed to from years ago which were images produced by a SLR, a single lens reflex camera.’
    • ‘The slides were photographed with a Pentax 35 mm single lens reflex camera attached to a Zeiss compound microscope.’