Definition of reflectiveness in English:



  • See reflective

    • ‘Yet they still continued to record wonderful music together, and continued the themes of reflectiveness and vulnerability on the next album, ‘The Visitors’ a year later.’
    • ‘The preference of auditory learning indicates your basic reflectiveness coupled with a tendency to process information sequentially.’
    • ‘When a first-class work of literature is made into a movie, one always feels that some essential quality has been lost: an engagement with language, a reflectiveness, a guiding intelligence.’
    • ‘For him, Americans' intellectual mediocrity would seem to be a self-evident truth, but his own observations hardly exemplify the kind of reflectiveness a reader of such a book has a right to expect.’
    • ‘They found that the Earth's reflectiveness, or the amount of cloud cover, declined steadily from 1985 to 1995, and fell even more dramatically between 1996 and 1997.’