Definition of reflection coefficient in English:

reflection coefficient


  • another term for reflectance
    • ‘At present, the seabed environmental data comes from static databases that provide the bottom reflection coefficient itself or geoacoustic properties.’
    • ‘In addition to the low reflection coefficient of roots, the hydraulic conductivity of roots should depend on the force (osmotic and hydrostatic pressure gradients) used to drive water across roots.’
    • ‘Puncturing the endodermis of young maize roots had a substantial effect on the permeability of ions and on the root reflection coefficient, but did not affect water permeability (hydraulic conductivity) of the roots.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the value of conductivity is linked with the reflection coefficient by means of the relationship given by Nobel.’
    • ‘Although many approaches are possible, a long asymmetric window is applied to the synthesized residual to generate a reflection coefficient that is smoothed, scaled and used in a first order filter.’