Definition of reflag in English:



[with object]
  • Change the national registration of (a ship)

    ‘a convoy of reflagged tankers’
    • ‘McCuskey believes the shift in flags will start from September when shipowners traditionally make arrangements to renew or reflag from the following January.’
    • ‘They dumped Australian workers when they had the vessel reflagged under a flag of convenience.’
    • ‘A total of 205 purse-seiners are allowed to operate at any one time in WCPO, but Taiwan has been getting around that by using bigger boats and reflagging some of its fleet to the Marshall Islands and Vanuatu.’
    • ‘These provisions are designed not only to strengthen flag state control but also to deter evasive reflagging of vessels.’
    • ‘The Fisheries Agency also expressed concern that China has sharply increased its harvesting of bigeye tuna by reflagging ships so that they do not come under catch quota restrictions.’
    • ‘It is reflagged out of the Bahamas with her port of registry becoming Nassau.’
    • ‘Last year CSL used the permit system to reflag and rename the Australian registered and crewed River Torrens and bring it back to the coast as the CSL Pacific.’
    • ‘The stand-off became a major national issue after CSL, servicing the Australian coast for Adelaide Brighton Cement, decided to reflag the ship in the Bahamas and sack the Australian crew to cut costs.’
    • ‘At the AWU, we represent the cement workers who unload ships such as the recently reflagged CSL Yarra.’
    • ‘Urgent action needs to be taken to prevent ships within the EU reflagging.’
    • ‘Paul Martin began reflagging his ships in countries with little or no corporate taxes and very low employment standards, and using non-Canadian crews.’
    • ‘Hoping to prevent the conflict from disrupting the flow of Middle East oil to Western consumers, Washington reflagged Kuwaiti tankers in early 1987 and then sent the U.S. Navy into the Persian Gulf to escort them through the war zone.’
    • ‘Does Viking on the balance of probabilities intend to reflag the Rosella?’
    • ‘The provision would allow NCL to reflag an older, foreign-built ship in its fleet as American as well.’
    • ‘Under strict secrecy, they flew to the Persian Gulf to witness the reflagging of Kuwaiti oil tankers with U.S. flags.’
    • ‘In the late 1980s, the United States participated in Operation Earnest Will, reflagging Kuwaiti tankers under the Stars and Stripes and escorting them into the Gulf.’
    • ‘This ship has been reflagged in Tonga, the same registry that gained international disrepute this year over gun running in the Middle East, people smuggling in Europe and terrorism in the USA.’
    • ‘The second vessel in NCL America, the Norwegian Sky, gets reflagged into U.S. registry and renamed Pride of Aloha during a complete refurbishment in September, following her Alaska season.’
    • ‘Despite winning an injunction against CSL plans to reflag the ship and crew it with Ukranians, the workers have been told to leave the ship on full pay.’
    • ‘Although talks had not concluded at the time of going to press, it is understood the company position on reflagging its vessels had eased as long as agreement could be reached on other cost-saving measures.’