Definition of refix in English:



  • Fix in position again or differently.

    ‘you can refix surface-mounted fittings on the face of the new panelling’
    • ‘Alicia watched her mom walk out of the room and then refixed her eyes on Marcus.’
    • ‘He rushes straight round, and finds it, and refixes it, because, after all, it's my custom.’
    • ‘They claim that the mind can live on when the brain is dead, suggesting that near death experiences can be retained in the mind and then refixed in the brain as it recovers so that they can be subsequently recalled.’
    • ‘Additional resorbable sutures were used to refix the tibionavicular and tibial spring ligaments.’
    • ‘Carefully disconnect and take down lights as necessary, and refix and reconnect on completion.’
    • ‘The problems inherent in the building are so numerous and varied that it is our opinion that partial repair, such as refixing of the slipbricks, is only delaying the date when major repairs are necessary.’
    • ‘Other repairs will include refixing loose fittings which support the handrails, replacing the most worn steps and stones, and a survey to plot the features of the steps in the most detailed way ever attempted.’
    • ‘Mr Clifford's parents' gravestone was strapped to a stake before it was taken out, new foundations were dug, then it was refixed by his stonemason, Clifford & Sons of Stratford on Tuesday.’
    • ‘A little after 9: 00 am, the dentists purged and sterilized the tusk root, and then refixed the broken tusk with the strongest adhesive they had.’
    • ‘We have no money to pay for them to be refixed by BT nor by our own staff under BT supervision.’
    • ‘He duly turned up and after eventually finding some bolts long enough to refix the post, made sure it was properly fixed to the garden wall as support.’
    • ‘The only possible criticism of the various leadwork details is that a number of the fixing/holding straps to the various ridges and hips have been wind uplifted and accordingly these should be replaced / refixed.’
    • ‘The tail fin of this plane is not actually properly attached, the winning bidder will have to refix this themselves.’
    • ‘He may wish to refix his ship elsewhere as soon as possible, to take advantage of a favourable market.’
    • ‘I refix after bleaching, then soak the print in hypo clearing agent for 3 minutes.’