Definition of refit in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /riːˈfɪt/
  • Replace or repair machinery, equipment, and fittings in (a ship, building, etc.)

    ‘a lucrative contract to refit a submarine fleet’
    • ‘A fast ferry from the Philippines is being refitted in Vancouver Shipyards for use as a fast passenger ferry between Nanaimo and Vancouver.’
    • ‘As a result, these hotels are refitting their in-room facilities with the hope of further consolidating their corporate client base.’
    • ‘They also repaired, refitted, and caulked ships in the harbor, laboring for a $1.00 a day for their master.’
    • ‘After the war, both ships were refitted and returned to luxurious civilian service, playing gracious host to everybody who was somebody - from European royalty to Hollywood stars.’
    • ‘He set his apprentices to work refitting the house.’
    • ‘Favaro spent about $150,000 refitting the hotel - an effort demolished in last year's violence.’
    • ‘Today the ship has been refitted to serve as a research vessel.’
    • ‘He recalls his younger days working alongside platers and welders in the Southampton shipyard of Vosper, repairing and refitting liners such as the QE2 and the Canberra.’
    • ‘They were refitted at the Car Repair with a coupler at each end and heavy steel plate risers to raise the hot slabs above the floor of the car, which was covered with six inches of slag to dissipate the heat.’
    • ‘HMS Bangor is the first Sandown-class mine countermeasures vessel to be refitted in Portsmouth by FSL, the Naval base repair organisation.’
    • ‘The destroyers would have to be returned to Russia for repairs and refitting.’
    • ‘On the way he had discovered Hawaii, a perfect place for refitting his ships.’
    • ‘She was refitted in 1952 and eventually decommissioned in 1970 after seeing extensive action off Vietnam.’
    • ‘He added: ‘We have completely refitted the shop and changed our system of dispensing.’’
    • ‘The kitchen and dining facilities will be refitted, while existing buildings will be redesigned to provide additional lecture space.’
    • ‘During the storms of winter ships in the harbour were drydocked for repairs and refitting.’
    • ‘Working feverishly, the crew and shore team refitted the boat and sailed it to La Rochelle in time to rejoin the race in leg eight.’
    • ‘He bought Scavenger from South Australia and has refitted the vessel in his Geraldton workshop.’
    • ‘He concluded the value of refitting the boats, at a total cost of $46.2 million, was below what Pricewaterhouse-Coopers then estimated the ferry corporation could get by selling them.’
    • ‘She spent the first winter refitting a tall ship in a village in Spain.’
    renovate, redecorate, refurbish, recondition, rehabilitate, rebuild, reconstruct, overhaul, make over
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Pronunciation /ˈriːfɪt/
  • A restoration or repair of machinery, equipment, or fittings.

    ‘the minesweeper is back in action following an extensive refit’
    mass noun ‘the refit of ships damaged by enemy action’
    • ‘Lingfield Park, situated in lovely countryside not far from Edenbridge, will continue to operate during the extensive refit.’
    • ‘Argus returned to the West Country in May last year, and began her refit at the A & P Falmouth Shipyard in September.’
    • ‘The refits will occur every seven years of their 28-year lives.’
    • ‘The Epplelton Hall, a steam-powered sidewheel workboat was recently towed back to her berth there after a refit across the harbor.’
    • ‘Now, after an extensive refit and repairs, carried out at Portsmouth, the ship is again preparing for front-line service.’
    • ‘Other work completed in a recent refit included the fitting of the Air Weapons Magazine and the replacement of the Sceptre ESM suite with Centaur.’
    • ‘Trenchant is just starting a programme of sea trials following a ground-breaking refit which has set the standard for other submarines.’
    • ‘Russia will also give India, for the cost of an extensive refit, the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov to replace its existing ageing carrier.’
    • ‘All 27 workers at the Piccadilly store were told that it will shut on June 3 to undergo an extensive refit.’
    • ‘As the ship was heading from Portsmouth to Rosyth for a one-year refit, the three-day visit to Hull was slotted in to her schedule.’
    • ‘Safety at York's oldest swimming pool complex has been upgraded following an Easter refit ordered by York leisure chiefs.’
    • ‘The yacht has been undergoing an extensive refit in North Vancouver ever since Lyon and crew sailed it to Vancouver from Holland last June.’
    • ‘The refit is expected to be completed on December 14 allowing her to go to sea in readiness for deployment in 2002.’
    • ‘They have flown to La Coruna in northern Spain to examine the trawler Celestial Dawn, which underwent an extensive refit in Devon after the Trident sinking in which seven men died.’
    • ‘He said one of the major projects of the refit was the installation of a new electrical switchboard and associated cabling.’
    • ‘Gawler had just completed a 16-week period that included a refit at Darwin Ship Repair and Engineering.’
    • ‘Another advantage of the unmanned refit has been the opportunity for the sailors to catch up on leave.’
    • ‘The installation of an air-independent propulsion system might be considered in a future refit or upgrade program.’
    • ‘Major upgrades more normally undertaken during a refit are being carried out on a frigate during a docking period.’
    • ‘The nine-month refit has seen the patrol ship fitted with three new diesel generators and the junior rates' mess has been rebuilt.’
    renovation, redecoration, refurbishment, revamp, revamping, makeover, rehabilitation, reconditioning, overhauling, modernization, restoration, repair, redevelopment, rebuilding, reconstruction, remodelling, updating, improvement
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