Definition of refinery in English:



  • An industrial installation where a substance is refined.

    ‘an oil refinery’
    • ‘A number of oil refineries have been knocked out of commission by Hurricane Katrina.’
    • ‘By the end of the century, kerosene had become the chief product of American oil refineries.’
    • ‘The heather would be fermented in giant vats at oil refineries and mixed with petrol before being taken to petrol stations.’
    • ‘The Texas coast is home to a quarter of the country's oil refineries and is also the source of much of the country's natural gas.’
    • ‘Its skyline is blighted by lots of stacks from heavy industry, including oil and nickel refineries.’
    • ‘It's next to the ocean, you've got three industrial sites and it's next to an oil refinery.’
    • ‘Hungary increased protection at its Paks nuclear station in the south and at the MOL oil refineries.’
    • ‘The industrial sector includes an oil refinery, steelworks, and chemicals.’
    • ‘But ethanol must be blended with gasoline at an oil refinery to make it usable as a fuel.’
    • ‘Even today, the tourist beach is contaminated by oil from nearby refineries.’
    • ‘But this will be a short term measure and there is an urgent need to get the refineries and oil rigs back into production before the onset of winter.’
    • ‘The workers blocked access to an oil refinery and interrupted road travel into Bolivia.’
    • ‘The residents claim that fish caught in local waters are tainted with oil deposits from the refinery.’
    • ‘Emissions from even one giant cargo ship's engines rival those of an oil refinery.’
    • ‘The twin-engine plane had taken off from Tripoli and was on its way to an oil refinery when the incident happened.’
    • ‘These technologies soon found their way into petroleum refineries and chemical plants.’
    • ‘Bahrain has developed advanced technology for petrochemical plants and oil refineries.’
    • ‘Engineers tonight are also checking for damage to the area's oil refineries.’
    • ‘The Australian Workers Union has members in many oil refineries and petrochemical plants around the country.’
    • ‘Curaçao is unspoiled, in the truest sense of the word: you can buy a postcard of the oil refinery.’