Definition of referentiality in English:



  • See referential

    • ‘She believed, and nourished the belief, that genuine, up-from-the-bottom revolution must include art, laughter, sensual pleasure, and the widest possible human referentiality.’
    • ‘All this is taken by Derrida's critics for an attack on truth itself, referentiality and the stability of interpretative contexts.’
    • ‘However, in spite of the conference's attempted focus on the 1960s, Watten's talk was one of the few to actually attempt a contextualizing framework of the decade - not bad for a poet who seeks to subvert direct referentiality in his work.’
    • ‘The more particular criticism seems to be that the referentiality is something that panders to the intelligence of the audience, that falsely congratulates them on being so well-informed.’
    • ‘The point of deconstruction was that language, by its nature, escapes pure referentiality; it was never that the things language tries to refer to do not exist.’