Definition of reference point in English:

reference point


  • A basis or standard for evaluation, assessment, or comparison; a criterion.

    • ‘When getting close to the city, he lost his visual reference point, the railway line, as the tracks converged around York Station.’
    • ‘MS Windows uses pictograms as a reference point, rather than words.’
    • ‘All but one said the church provided standards or a reference point for good behavior.’
    • ‘The state is viewed as the major reference point in dealing with the problem.’
    • ‘Komensky is the moral reference point for the idea of an universal education.’
    • ‘In particular he claimed the officer had not used a proper reference point when measuring Ferdinand's speed.’
    • ‘The precarious political situation between the two superpowers was almost a constant reference point in my early teenage years.’
    • ‘And, as far as I see it, the older photo of her was used as a reference point, as that is how most remember the woman.’
    • ‘There is no absolute standard, or even an external reference point.’
    • ‘This is particularly true over foreign policy, which dominated the first two debates and seemed to be the main reference point for my students.’
    • ‘Using the war as a historical reference point is routine.’
    • ‘There is currently no height restriction on buildings in the city but the Minster is used as a central reference point.’
    • ‘The events of May, 1968 prove inescapable as a reference point of recent history.’
    • ‘This awakening is the crucial watershed in the Buddha's life and the key reference point for Buddhism.’
    • ‘I was raised a Catholic and as a result the Christ story is the prominent reference point for my current faith.’
    • ‘I think I have a different reference point for the music I choose to sample.’
    • ‘I did this so that the bloggers listed could use that post as a reference point to check back and see how far they've come.’
    • ‘The current invariably displaces the nets but the reference point is some landmark on the shore.’
    • ‘But they did so in an age when British television was using theatre rather than film as its reference point.’
    • ‘The Chemical Brothers are my reference point for electronic dance music, and once again they have raised the bar.’


reference point