Definition of refasten in English:



[with object]
  • Fasten again.

    ‘Norman stooped to refasten the padlock’
    • ‘Becky refastened her seat belt and they both rolled up their windows.’
    • ‘To mount a new cylinder, the nine-inch barrel had to be detached from the frame, then refastened by means of a wedge.’
    • ‘Wylie unpinned Holly's diaper, saw that it was clean, and refastened it.’
    • ‘However, the nail was not refastened by this mechanism.’
    • ‘Blair began to stir when Jim was refastening the jeans.’
    • ‘Beth then fiddles with her cardigan buttons, making sure for the fourth time in ten minutes that she's successfully refastened her sweater.’
    • ‘Tuilec is right behind me, pausing to concentrate on refastening the grill over the opening.’
    • ‘Sasaki was refastening her shirt as she walked toward them.’
    • ‘Cora pulled on her hat and refastened her jacket buttons.’
    • ‘One of her shoes had come loose; she ducked down to refasten it, and someone's grimy hand crept round her throat.’
    • ‘I returned my thank you and scurried off, feeling bad, pausing only briefly at the door to refasten my Barbour against the wind.’
    • ‘Brett made sure Billy was strapped in securely before refastening his own belt.’
    • ‘Taisa refastened her bangles as if nothing had happened.’
    • ‘William took the necklace from around the book, and, kneeling down in front of her, refastened it around her neck.’
    • ‘Should a child persist in opening the belt while the car is in motion, it is advisable to pull over and refasten the buckle.’
    • ‘As I refastened the shirt, Katie shifted, squirmed and meowed.’
    • ‘Quin refastened the chains, scooted Drake closer to the wall, and shortened them just enough to limit the man's range of motion.’
    • ‘I would suggest you refasten the safety webbing.’
    • ‘Gripping the book between her teeth, she undid her bra and, wincing, refastened it on the tightest hook.’
    • ‘Randy unclipped his harness, climbed further up the ladder and refastened it.’