Definition of reel something off in English:

reel something off

phrasal verb

  • Say or recite something very rapidly and without apparent effort:

    ‘she proceeded to reel off the various dishes of the day’
    • ‘We all know about his many degrees - in part because he isn't shy about reeling them off.’
    • ‘Last night I put on LBC (London radio station) and found there was a quiz going on. It sounded a bit familiar and after a few seconds I realised that I knew what both the quizzer and quizzee were going to say. I was reeling it off, word for word.’
    • ‘He knew thousands of place names by heart, and he could reel them off.’
    • ‘They just queue up and reel it off, then a soldier goes and gets it for them.’
    • ‘So I'm sitting on a bench in Budapest, and J. is reeling some information off about where we've got to go next, when I turn around and see this garden, and see that it's infested with little birds.’
    • ‘I don't even remember how and why we ended up watching it so much (I mean, I really like it and all, but it's not as though it's my favourite film or anything), but I could probably reel the entire script off from memory.’
    • ‘You don't have to know what they stand for, just so long as you can reel them off without choking on all the consonants.’
    • ‘At times, you can practically see him battling them off, struggling to be friendly and to act like he is thinking up his answers while he is saying them, rather than simply reeling them off.’
    • ‘Then, beaming proudly, he reels them off: Stamford Plaza, Sky City, Morrins-ville Motel, the Viaduct, Britomart, Qantas.’
    • ‘Thousands of binary digits have been reeled off in the correct order, hundreds of random numbers instantly recalled and the order of dozens of packs of cards stashed away in the memory bank.’
    recite, rattle off, loose off, fire off, list rapidly, run through, enumerate, detail, itemize
    spiel off
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