Definition of reef flat in English:

reef flat


  • The horizontal upper surface of a coral reef.

    • ‘The sharks are about 3 to 4 feet long and walk along the shallow reef flats on their fins, preying on shrimp, crabs, snails, and small fish.’
    • ‘Hundreds of Alcyonaceans and Zoanthids - soft corals that colonise reef flats - in shades too colourful to describe, were draped like banners beneath the outcrops and along the various overhangs.’
    • ‘If you go out onto the reef flats at night in Guam with a flashlight, you might run into this little guy.’
    • ‘Unlike other scarid species, they often move onto the reef flat at high tide to feed and therefore may be seen in tidal pools.’
    • ‘A rich reef community proliferated across the reef flat and down the wall, where hard corals formed small terraces and ledges where yet more corals and sponges grew.’
    • ‘They can be found along reef edges with broken rock, reef flats with scattered coral heads or near grass flats, and often come into very shallow waters to feed on algae.’
    • ‘They are usually characterized by an outer reef edge capped by an algal ridge, a broad reef flat, and a sand-floored ‘boat channel’ close to the shore.’
    • ‘Permian reefs are dominated by bioclastic sediments and early cements, but they were capable of forming well-developed rimmed margins with zonation from fore-reef talus to reef slope, crest, reef flat, and back-reef lagoon.’
    • ‘Some are herbivores, grazing on the filamentous algae covering coral reefs, and a few eat seagrasses and algae on reef flats.’
    • ‘Reef inhabitants, they prefer rocky or coral seaward reefs, reefs of inner lagoons, and subtidal reef flats at depths of 1-40 m.’
    • ‘The reef triggerfish is commonly found in subtidal reef flats and protected lagoons.’
    • ‘Adult fish live on shallow semi-exposed reef flats and in lagoons and seaward reefs to depths of 14-25 m.’