Definition of reed bed in English:

reed bed


  • An area of water or marshland dominated by reeds.

    • ‘We recycle the water so that from the bathrooms, we have a reed bed, which clears some of the soap and chemicals out of it, and then we use it for watering plants and trees around the place.’
    • ‘A central area has been turned into a garden, including ponds with reed beds to purify waste water and the development has a community hall.’
    • ‘In many countries the harvesting of reed beds from wetland areas for producing paper and basketry is a vital part of local economic growth.’
    • ‘When the larvae reach a length of about 80 mm they move to the deeper waters of adjacent reed beds.’
    • ‘Purple Heron is a regular overshooting migrant to Britain and it is always worth checking any heron you see fly from a reed bed.’
    • ‘Previous hard concrete channel solutions for riverbank protection are now thought to be inferior to stone gabbions, gravel banks, reed beds and willow trees.’
    • ‘Plans for the houses include water waste disposal via a reed bed located in a pond in communal parkland, dry composting and the collection of rain water for use in the houses.’
    • ‘A wetland habitat with reed beds, a boardwalk, bridges and an outdoor classroom will also transform the park encouraging wildlife and the public.’
    • ‘The result will be about 10 acres of open water throughout the year while reed beds and wet grasslands will be planted to attract wildfowl.’
    • ‘A spot my son and I found on the Welsh Dee last winter consisted of a steady glide alongside a dense reed bed.’
    • ‘Among the reed beds red herons and marsh falcons can be seen.’
    • ‘To the right there was a small weed free channel in front of a reed bed.’
    • ‘The knack is to anchor well away from the bank or reed bed to be fished, then cast baits back in to the mark.’
    • ‘Other natural water purification systems include reed beds, which can concentrate many of the undesirable elements of water into the stems of the plants given sufficient time.’
    • ‘We numbered each nest and marked its position with a small plastic tag on the outer edge of the reed bed towards the open water.’
    • ‘Lighting will run off wind turbines, reed beds will deal with waste water and solar panels will generate energy for street lights.’
    • ‘Then one morning recently I got up to make tea and the same sound came from a nearby reed bed.’
    • ‘When it has been used, it will not drain into the usual mains drainage but into a reed bed in the corner of the quadrangle.’
    • ‘I fished a little hole that was barely a foot deep, behind the main reed bed, inaccessible from the rest of the lake.’
    • ‘In conjunction with a number of local businesses, we'll plant reed beds.’