Definition of redworm in English:



  • 1A red earthworm used in composting kitchen waste and as fishing bait.

    Lumbricus rubellus, family Lumbricidae

    • ‘The classic grayling bait is a small redworm: grayling just love them.’
    • ‘Finally, add the worms, usually redworms, which are widely available for sale.’
    • ‘The closest you can get to fishing with a natural bait for these timid tench is with the humble maggot and redworm.’
    • ‘Three-inch, dark red-maroon redworms have yellowish undersides and work their way through the top 6-12 inches of soil horizontally.’
    • ‘Fishing a groundbait feeder with chopped worm he fished redworm on the hook tempting small carp and tench.’
  • 2A parasitic nematode worm occurring in the intestines of horses.

    Genus Strongylus, class Phasmida