Definition of reductionistic in English:



  • See reductionist

    • ‘He has written several books decrying the tendency of scientists to be overly reductionistic in their analyses.’
    • ‘He finds much modern science to be reductionistic.’
    • ‘My idea for this blog is to call out reductionistic thinking - the opportunity to think in simple ways is so strong, that without the proper support I will be stuck there.’
    • ‘To ignore the emotional realities of parenthood is misleadingly reductionistic.’
    • ‘My focus is very reductionistic - I will only follow a small number of case studies.’
    • ‘One of the great aspects of this interesting book is the constant effort to avoid a reductionistic conception of grief.’
    • ‘A requirement of a science is a reductionistic language with which to define constructs.’
    • ‘Each author also argues against the traditional reductionistic view of genetic determinism.’
    • ‘Collage was my way of stepping outside the reductionistic process of modernism.’
    • ‘She sees this oedipal view of creativity as unnecessarily reductionistic.’