Definition of reductant in English:



  • A reducing agent.

    • ‘Carbohydrates not only provide the acceptor of sulphide for cysteine biosynthesis, they are the source of reductants for sulphate reduction in non-photosynthetic tissues.’
    • ‘Some substances are capable of acting either as reductants or as oxidants, e.g., hydrogen peroxide and nitrous acid.’
    • ‘The non-microbial sinks include oxidation of inorganic reductants in the soil, such as Fe, which may be both mobile and immobile.’
    • ‘Other species can serve as sources of hydrogen or electrons and likewise participate in redox reactions as reductants.’
    • ‘As a reductant, it is very important in maintaining the stability of erythrocyte membranes and the structure of hemoglobin.’