Definition of redraw in English:


verbredrew, redrawn

[with object]
  • Draw or draw up again or differently.

    ‘the rota was redrawn’
    • ‘The Democrats are protesting Republican plans to redraw congressional districts.’
    • ‘Rather than reproduce these sometimes technical diagrams, they are redrawn in a more accessible form.’
    • ‘Drawing and redrawing a line through the ashes, the stiletto operates in short bursts of activity after remaining still for long periods of time.’
    • ‘The law now allows the Legislature to redraw its own districts every 10 years to reflect the population changes in the most recent census.’
    • ‘Maps must be periodically redrawn, adjusted to our changed sense of Australia and its changing relations with the world.’
    • ‘Civil emergency plans were repeatedly redrawn and elaborate dress rehearsals staged to cover every conceivable crisis.’
    • ‘Plans for a racecourse in Salford are being redrawn.’
    • ‘The Government wants the matter resolved quickly so electoral boundaries can be redrawn before the next State election.’
    • ‘It has redrawn the electoral boundaries, will use intimidation at the polling stations and has apparently falsified the electoral roll.’
    • ‘Battles drew and redrew the political map of the continent over the last two millennia.’
    • ‘The conference organizers set out to understand how the boundaries of activism are redrawn in the age of new media.’
    • ‘Regimes may change, borders may be redrawn, billions of euros and dollars may be spent but in the end nothing really changes.’
    • ‘Every decade the state redraws its political boundaries to reflect population changes.’
    • ‘With the Netherlands also expected to vote against on Wednesday, the proposed future of Europe may now have to be completely redrawn.’
    • ‘It's a piece of history drawn in my mind that cannot be redrawn.’
    • ‘Congressional districts are redrawn through a bill approved in the Legislature.’
    • ‘Clarity has been aided substantially by having unnecessary information removed from diagrams before they were redrawn.’
    • ‘It was born 50 years ago, and the world has to live with it just as it does with the borders of Europe, that are redrawn every time there is a war or political upheaval.’
    • ‘Hence, while necessary, ‘drawing the line’ is at the same time impossible, for each drawing of the line redoubles and redraws the line.’
    • ‘A reclining woman seems to turn her body as he draws and redraws her folded legs.’