Definition of redivide in English:



[with object]
  • Divide (something) again or differently.

    ‘the Balkans were redivided among Slovene, Croat, and Serb’
    • ‘I predict that these large financial conglomerates will redivide into components and will be spun off because they don't pay for themselves.’
    • ‘The issues raised by the war are redividing the left on different lines to those that existed before the war.’
    • ‘Territories were redivided as the three extended their hold to several other states, releasing their ownership of others.’
    • ‘Instead they were looking to redivide Europe into rival spheres of influence.’
    • ‘Millions upon millions of corpses were piled up as the most powerful industrial states fought, using every dreadful means that modern science and industry could provide, to divide and redivide the world.’
    • ‘The fact that the world was already divided up meant that any change in the balance of economic and military power between the European states led to a struggle to redivide the world.’
    • ‘But the mill buildings were still there, now redivided into tasteful modern hi-tech business units.’
    • ‘This means that not only small parties lose their votes, but the remainders of larger parties too are thrown into a pot that is then redivided according to the adjusted original percentages.’
    • ‘Instead, these germ cells appear to redivide to form clusters of abnormal germ cells that degenerate or occasionally produce tumorous cysts.’
    • ‘A Military Intelligence branch was created in 1962, and in 1971 the Artillery was redivided into separate Artillery and Air Defense Artillery branches.’
    • ‘Modern early-stage embryos behave similarly as their constant volume is divided and redivided.’
    • ‘But the major point is the question of redividing contributory negligence.’
    • ‘When the ashes settled, the Commission redivided the territories and merged the two.’
    • ‘These were abolished when the Chinese People's Republic was founded, and Inner Mongolia was redivided into autonomous Mongol administrations.’
    • ‘St Germain could have divided and redivided its estates as it chose, and maybe even moved peasants physically to fit.’