Definition of redistribution in English:



mass noun
  • The distribution of something in a different way, typically to achieve greater social equality.

    ‘social justice required redistribution of wealth’
    as modifier ‘a government land redistribution policy’
    • ‘A congestion toll may involve a redistribution of income from low income to high income travellers.’
    • ‘The first priority of the revolution became the redistribution of land under the Agrarian Reform Act.’
    • ‘Agricultural development, not redistribution of food, is needed for economic development.’
    • ‘By disputing the legality of the government measures, the judiciary fuelled opposition to the redistribution policies.’
    • ‘In the UK in recent years there has been some significant redistribution in the power of manufacturers relative to retailers.’
    • ‘The government refuses to acknowledge that their implementation of the land redistribution programme has caused forced displacement of people.’
    • ‘The seat of Oxley disappeared in a redistribution of electoral boundaries.’
    • ‘The only way to universalize upper-middle class taste would be through universal redistribution of upper-middle class wealth.’
    • ‘Not only will redistribution of the fruits of progress not erase gaps, they will foster more dissatisfaction with inequalities that remain.’
    • ‘This cultural radicalism was not matched by any serious commitment to a redistribution of wealth.’