Definition of redistribute in English:



[with object]
  • Distribute (something) differently or again, typically to achieve greater social equality.

    ‘their primary concern was to redistribute income from rich to poor’
    • ‘I am, yes, a believer in redistributing wealth.’
    • ‘The government has done exceptionally well in redistributing money towards low-paid families.’
    • ‘The Act will not redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich, but from the imprudent borrower to the prudent borrower.’
    • ‘However, it can redistribute the market share of the different companies that sell hair product and clothing.’
    • ‘They tend toward social policies which redistribute wealth from those who have earned it to those who need it.’
    • ‘If you don't redistribute wealth then you get vast economic differences between rich and poor.’
    • ‘Eliminate positions and redistribute the work to those who remain.’
    • ‘This served as the means for redistributing social wealth into the hands of a tiny elite while, at the same time, basic forms of social security were demolished.’
    • ‘But, as opponents of the Bill have pointed out, gambling adds nothing to the economy: it simply redistributes wealth from the poor to the rich.’
    • ‘The former mechanism redistributes wealth by reducing the gap between the rich and poor, leading to the emergence of a middle class.’
    • ‘It's actually redistributing political power.’
    • ‘Most favor an activist federal government that intervenes in the economy, redistributes wealth, and acts as an instrument of social change.’
    • ‘Their fun comes in redistributing income and wealth.’
    • ‘All the districts suffered as the Government took the money away from the districts and redistributed it mainly to the counties.’
    • ‘Whiting is a reformer who wants to redistribute income from the rich to the poor by engaging government tax power.’
    • ‘‘We want to redistribute tourism among the different museums on offer,’ he said.’
    • ‘People are unwilling to redistribute large amounts of income to their own detriment, and plans to do so usually have some ulterior end.’
    • ‘Reducing inequality almost always requires redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor.’
    • ‘A just social order required state action to redistribute resources.’
    • ‘While we were now a low tax regime, he felt there was still scope for further tax reform to redistribute wealth to those on low and middle incomes.’
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