Definition of redisplay in English:



[with object]
  • Display (something) again or differently.

    ‘after decades in storage, the collection is now rehoused and redisplayed’
    • ‘The house will be redecorated, rewired and redisplayed, producing a lifelike Georgian home in which visitors will experience the sights, sounds and smells of domestic life in Wordsworth's day.’
    • ‘By moving Othello from the visual medium of cinema to the visual space of the art gallery, Wilson redisplays Othello as a different kind of spectacle - the exhibition object.’
    • ‘O'Neill said: ‘The People's Palace was last redisplayed in 1998.’’
    • ‘The opportunity to redisplay the domestic metalware collections in London's Victoria and Albert Museum has led to a reassessment of the museum's historical lighting equipment.’
    • ‘A new lighting rig will be installed with new wall coverings and a refurbished floor, while the permanent collection of paintings will be redisplayed in the rest of the gallery.’
    • ‘Data for the ric - 8 containing strains are redisplayed on a log scale in the graph to the right.’
    • ‘Reynolds was also responsible for redisplaying the museum's portrait miniatures.’
    • ‘A programmer can find new ways for data from one of these devices to be manipulated and then played, used, edited, redisplayed etc etc on any of these devices.’
    • ‘The current bid aims to restore the main hall and ancillary buildings and redisplay the museum's unique social history collections.’
    • ‘Mr Hall was full of praise for the National Trust for initiating the project, which will see a redisplayed and reinterpreted Wordsworth House reopen to the public next month.’
    • ‘The third phase of an eight year, 3.75 million pound project to redisplay the V&A's silver collection opens today.’
    • ‘She said: ‘Ornamental objects have indeed been redisplayed in Frogmore House, which is open to the public during the summer months.’’
    • ‘The comments already written still exist, and I can redisplay them.’
    • ‘Maybe it was just as well that we kept the nicer cards for redisplay because no snow made its appearance in the Christmases of my youth.’
    • ‘The nine-month refurbishment has involved a complete redecoration and redisplaying of works, and also the creation of a new area called The Studio, to be used for educational activities and events.’