Definition of redfish in English:



  • 1A bright red edible marine fish.

    a North Atlantic rockfish (genus Sebastes, family Scorpaenidae, in particular the commercially important S. marinus).

    a bottom-dwelling Australian fish (Centroberyx affinis, family Berycidae).Also called nannygai

    the red drum of the western Atlantic, popular as a game fish (Sciaenops ocellatus, family Sciaenidae).

    • ‘Species that are usually caught near the ocean's bottom, including cod, haddock, pollock, redfish, halibut, flounder, and other species.’
    • ‘We caught 29 redfish my first day and 19 the second day.’
    • ‘I arrived at Mosquito Lagoon to fish for the redfish.’
    • ‘I have just returned from the United States where I have been fishing for striper bass, redfish, seatrout and Spanish mackerel.’
    • ‘The saltwater river harbors prized snook, trout, largemouth bass, redfish, and even tarpon.’
  • 2British A male salmon in the spawning season.