Definition of Redfern in English:


proper noun

  • A suburb of Sydney, one stop before the railway terminus.


  • get off at Redfern

    • informal Practise coitus interruptus.

      ‘getting off at Redfern is the oldest known method of contraception’
      • ‘Maybe one night you forgot to 'get off at Redfern' or you panicked and thought, God might kill me.’
      • ‘Getting off at Redfern doesn't stop the clap though.’
      • ‘Giving him a flirtatious look she'd said, "You could get off at Redfern."’
      • ‘When asked how most couples avoided getting pregnant, he replied that the bloke would have to get off at Redfern instead.’
      • ‘Before the Pill was developed, getting off at Redfern was a common form of birth control.’