Definition of redeveloper in English:



  • See redevelop

    • ‘The two-time Grammy Award winner has assumed a role as urban redeveloper.’
    • ‘It demonstrates how a cash-strapped redevelopment agency with the hopes of eradicating blight in its impoverished small town fell victim to an aggressive and litigious redeveloper and his attorney.’
    • ‘But unlike those gardens, the paradise of true love, it seems, can conquer problems of historical inaccuracy, it never withers and most of all, it never gets bought out by redevelopers.’
    • ‘He also said he stole 30 million yen that Kawaguchi was carrying to pay the hospital redeveloper.’
    • ‘Financing also proved to be a major problem since few private firms and redevelopers possessed the huge cash reserve necessary to pay for clearance and revitalization.’