Definition of redevelop in English:



[with object]
  • 1Develop (something) again or differently.

    ‘the technology was redeveloped during the crusades’
    • ‘I would like to point out that all the old wood pews were removed when the church was modernised and redeveloped last year.’
    • ‘The Yorkshire Post understands the cost of redeveloping the current ground would be in the region of £20m to £25m.’
    • ‘The former mill was redeveloped in 1996 for £4 million using Government and local authority money.’
    • ‘We criticized the CIA for not redeveloping these capabilities during the 1990s, so it could penetrate terrorist cells.’
    • ‘The Hospice 2000 Appeal aims to raise £2million to redevelop the hospice and extend its services to care for more people.’
    • ‘But Morley is understood to be considering redeveloping the space as high-quality office accommodation.’
    • ‘International tensions meant that she had little contact with Mary of England's work in restoring and redeveloping Catholicism.’
    • ‘Downton residents are up in arms after the firm redeveloping the old tannery erected ‘unsightly’ containers for wheelie bins in front of the historic building.’
    • ‘Mr Ward believes redeveloping libraries as discovery centres is the way to reverse the decline in visitor numbers.’
    • ‘It is redeveloped as a child development centre, where staff from health, social services and education would assess children with learning difficulties.’
    • ‘I've started to redevelop my addiction to news.’
    • ‘Items on the agenda included the results of a feasibility study of redeveloping a ward block and a vision to improve the way the hospital runs.’
    • ‘It is only natural that some racecourses will be investing more heavily in redeveloping facilities than others in 2005.’
    • ‘Developers buy old, unused, dilapidated hotels and redevelop them into brand new upscale luxury condos.’
    • ‘He met members of staff and all those who had been involved in redeveloping the complex.’
    • ‘That is the way we have operated right from the beginning in redeveloping the stadium.’
    • ‘Why waste good money redeveloping a stadium no one wants?’
    • ‘It needs only the effort to redevelop it again, and this will be one of the richest countries in the Middle East.’
    • ‘There's a few changes occurring there, with them getting me more involved with redeveloping the intranet.’
    • ‘I recycle our garden waste, old clothes and shoes and even the rubble and soil I dug from the garden when I redeveloped it.’
    recondition, restore, renew, renovate, refurbish, revamp, make over, make fit for habitation, make fit for use, overhaul, develop, convert, rebuild, reconstruct, remodel
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    1. 1.1 Construct new buildings in (an urban area), typically after demolishing the existing buildings.
      ‘plans to redevelop London's docklands’
      • ‘It is planned to redevelop the site as housing and keep the first and second floors of the Alexandra Street frontage.’
      • ‘A strategic plan for redeveloping this area already exists and merely awaits a strong push from city hall.’
      • ‘The plans include redeveloping the Town Moor area, overhauling the famous racecourse, developing a major bloodstock sales centre, and building a 200-bed four-star hotel.’
      • ‘Plans to redevelop the Castle Piccadilly area of York reached a new stage after the first ‘people's panel’ met to discuss the proposals.’
      • ‘Patel Taylor point out, ‘The idea of creating a publicly funded open space with surrounding private housing is a model that can be copied when redeveloping more of this area.’’
      • ‘Two letters to the editor express outrage over the (now presumably secret) plans to redevelop the Castle Lane area.’
      • ‘Thorn Marine's lease expired in the summer and Peel Holdings plan to redevelop the site for housing.’
      • ‘In Bradley, the work will also identify ways of redeveloping the Riverside Mill site, how to improve housing and the general environment, including the gateways to the town in Scotland Road and Leeds Road.’
      • ‘The building, next to the bus station, was refurbished by Surrey Free Inns when £6.5million plans to redevelop the area collapsed.’
      • ‘Bell also said that British Waterways has entered into a partnership agreement with building contractor Amec to redevelop sites along the Forth and Clyde canal.’
      • ‘This is part of the latest plans to redevelop the Castle Lane area of Bedford, which has been an eyesore for many years.’
      • ‘He hoped Mr Godden would reconsider his offer, as the ruling would make it more difficult to sell at a higher price to firms planning to redevelop the site into shops or homes.’
      • ‘The businessman behind multi-million pound plans to demolish and redevelop K Village has not yet given up on the site.’
      • ‘Plans to demolish a student residence block and redevelop the site located in a conservation area have met fierce opposition from neighbouring Battersea residents.’
      • ‘‘I can't believe that when we're talking about redeveloping the waterfront the very first thing we do is approve this power-generation station,’ she says.’
      • ‘Mr Blythe tails to consider the main reason why Housing Tasmania has decided to demolish and redevelop Windsor Court - the needs of tenants.’
      • ‘An earlier plan to redevelop the whole area, to include an access road was abandoned in 2003 after problems getting the owners of various parcels of the land to agree.’
      • ‘One resident who lives two doors away defiantly said he would oppose any plans to redevelop the area.’
      • ‘Councillors agreed that because of plans to redevelop the whole area, the minimum work necessary to comply with new disabled access requirements should be carried out.’
      • ‘The report throws its support behind proposals to build a marina in conjunction with a hotel on the North Quay as part of its plans to redevelop that area.’