Definition of redetermine in English:



[with object]
  • Determine (something) again or differently.

    ‘a solicitor may apply to the appropriate authority to redetermine the costs’
    • ‘We redetermine the role of symptoms and serum concentrations in detecting bony metastases in lung cancer and reassess the accuracy of bone scans for screening.’
    • ‘It redetermined the matter, I think, in your absence, adverse to you, and you did not then prosecute any appeal from that decision to the Federal Court.’
    • ‘The application for planning permission will fall to be redetermined by the council in accordance with this judgment.’
    • ‘The role of God in history had to be redetermined.’
    • ‘That is contrary to the statute which has conferred upon it the power of rehearing and the duty to rehear and redetermine these cases.’
    • ‘If it is quashed, the matter will fall to be redetermined under the new statutory appeals procedure.’
    • ‘The initial ambiguity solution will be lost and must be redetermined.’
    • ‘If later drilling shows that the deposit extends over a larger area than had previously been thought, the area will be redetermined with more extensive boundaries.’
    • ‘It is all up in the air until the AAT redetermines the matter.’
    • ‘Remind me, Mr Sofronoff, you never went back to the original Court of Appeal and asked them to redetermine it, did you?’
    • ‘Heidi's face was a picture of excitement and Joy admired her enthusiasm, sometimes wishing she were Heidi's age again and could redetermine the course of events that had changed her life so much.’
    • ‘The question of confirmation of the order therefore fell to be redetermined by the Secretary of State.’
    • ‘He asks the court to quash the Secretary of State's decision, so that the matter can be redetermined on the correct basis, or alternatively to refer to the European Court the following question.’
    • ‘There was then provision for redetermination of the rent and that is clause 2 which said that the rent ‘may be redetermined by the Minister at any time’.’
    • ‘Renaming the files with higher or lower numbers will redetermine that order.’
    • ‘For intensity integration, the background for each reflection was further redetermined by connecting both ends of the reflection with a straight line after the initial background subtraction.’
    • ‘She took a deep breath to steady herself and redetermine herself.’
    • ‘Anticipated principal reductions for the next five years are difficult to determine because the interest rate and monthly payments are redetermined periodically.’