Definition of redesignate in English:



[with object]
  • Give (someone or something) a different official name, description, or title.

    ‘the territories have been redesignated as national parks’
    • ‘In December 1944 the Germans redesignated Bergen-Belsen a concentration camp.’
    • ‘The unit was redesignated the 917th Tactical Fighter Group on 1 October 1973.’
    • ‘After the Second World War, machine guns were no longer consided a specialist weapon, and the battalions were redesignated and retasked.’
    • ‘In October 1956, the unit reorganized and was redesignated the 309th ASA Battalion.’
    • ‘The proposed site, which is near to Beckfoot School, was formerly green belt until an inspector redesignated it.’
    • ‘Nine Air Force Reserve Command installations were redesignated joint bases or stations this summer to reflect the multi-service use of the facilities.’
    • ‘More recently, it has been redesignated Headquarters Special Forces with all British special forces, including those of the Royal Marines, placed under it.’
    • ‘Just for the record, by profession I was a secretary for the Society of Chiropodists for 25 years, after which they redesignated the post chief executive.’
    • ‘She said they misled the parish council into believing the site had been redesignated from countryside to housing.’
    • ‘The Maryland State Guard was redesignated the Maryland Defense Force in September 1988 to differentiate the force from the National Guard.’
    • ‘During the reorganization of the Army division, the armored division combat commands A, B and C were redesignated as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigades.’
    • ‘In Bolivia Indians have been expelled from their traditional territories when these have been redesignated as national parks.’
    • ‘Now it is seeking crucial planning permission to redesignate its six acres from employment to housing.’
    • ‘A university without chemistry should be stripped of the title and redesignated a liberal arts college, which is all it is.’
    • ‘Residents have failed several times to get Bexley Council to redesignate the site.’
    • ‘With the addition of these packages, the Air Force redesignated the radars.’
    • ‘In 1952 the unit moved its base of operations to Alcala de Henares, where it was once again redesignated.’
    • ‘With adjustable sights, the pistol is redesignated PT 99.’
    • ‘The order still stands but has been reduced in extent as various lands have been redesignated according to agreements with First Nations.’
    • ‘In each year since the California program had been in place, less than 10 percent of students were redesignated as proficient in English, according to the state department of education.’