Definition of Redditor in English:



  • A registered user of the website Reddit.

    ‘in a popular Ask Reddit thread on Tuesday, Redditors shared their true feelings about their office lives’
    • ‘As another Redditor pointed out, this could also be a great way to store olive oil and other kitchen items that come in bottles.’
    • ‘A Redditor shared a neat trick to make permanent markings on any metal tumbler or saucepan.’
    • ‘The Redditors say they will leave it up to school officials to decide how to award the money.’
    • ‘As one Redditor found, it wasn't until he decided to quit his job that a large raise suddenly appeared on the table.’
    • ‘As one Redditor mentions, he's so versatile that it's hard to figure out what his real accent even is.’
    • ‘However, she neatly shut down that Redditor in a side thread; the girl knows how to defend herself!’
    • ‘Redditor abspam3 figured out a way to do that with a keyboard shortcut.’
    • ‘Redditor Tdaug explains how to remove minor dents with a plunger.’
    • ‘Plenty of Redditors had answers at the ready, with quite a few repeats in the bunch.’
    • ‘The plan is to purchase an island using funds chipped in by hundreds of Redditors.’


Early 21st century: from the proprietary name of the website Reddit, on the pattern of editor.