Definition of redbud in English:



  • A North American tree of the pea family, with pink flowers that grow from the trunk, branches, and twigs.

    Genus Cercis, family Leguminosae

    • ‘They were few and far between, mostly redbuds in bloom.’
    • ‘You'll get a hankering to come back every year in early May when the redbuds open and the dogwoods bloom.’
    • ‘Eighty new trees will be planted, Kousa dogwood, Eastern redbud, downy serviceberry, sourwood, Yoshino cherry, and tulip poplar among them.’
    • ‘Shorter trees are eastern redbud, flowering dogwood, American hornbeam, and eastern hop hornbeam.’
    • ‘The 24 affected species included oaks, red maple, and redbud.’