Definition of redback in English:


(also redback spider)


  • A highly venomous Australasian spider which is black with a bright red stripe down the back, closely related to the American black widow.

    Latrodectus hasselti, family Theridiidae

    • ‘Data from two observational field studies and one release experiment suggest that in the absence of cannibalism, male redbacks would expect fewer than one mating opportunity in a lifetime.’
    • ‘From Sydney we have had the Sydney huntsman spider, the Australian redback spider, and the North American southern ring-necked snake.’
    • ‘Such a strategy has been identified in a range of animals, including the redback spider, house sparrow, and moth.’
    • ‘We considered female size, weight, condition and mating status as candidate traits for male preferences in redback spiders.’
    • ‘If they are lucky, the former is part of the latter - female redbacks eat their male mates during copulation.’