Definition of red velvet cake in English:

red velvet cake


North American
  • A rich chocolate-flavoured sponge cake with a distinctive reddish colour, typically with layers of buttercream or cream cheese icing.

    • ‘I went with the upgrade and got a slice of the famous Red Velvet Cake with the pecans for a total of $6.’
    • ‘Behind the counter they have 2 large cardboard boxes filled with individual slices of Red Velvet Cake in plastic countainers.’
    • ‘Moist, red velvet cake and traditional triple-layered favorites, such as German chocolate cake, carrot cake, and strawberry shortcake, compete with lemon meringue pie and peach cobbler.’
    • ‘Many times you get Red Velvet Cake and it's just flavorless red colored cake that relies on the frosting for taste.’
    • ‘While he provides many tips for healthier cooking, this book is laden with temptations, ranging from red velvet cake (a chocolate one colored red and topped with a rich icing) to twice-fried plantains with green salsa.’
    • ‘Our home-economics class even baked a beautiful three-layered red velvet cake for the event.’
    • ‘For dessert, we sampled the creme brulee cheesecake and a large slice of red velvet cake with rich chocolate frosting and raspberry filling.’
    • ‘Miya's bringing red velvet cake and Nobu's bringing jello.’
    • ‘Her Really Red Velvet Cake is as red as a climbing rose in June (the bright magenta hue is achieved with a prodigious amount of red food coloring).’
    • ‘After a somewhat lackluster attempt at making a Red Velvet cake in early December from a decent, but outdated, recipe, I decided to try baking the cake again from a different recipe.’