Definition of Red Tory in English:

Red Tory


  • (in Canada) a member of a political group who holds more liberal views than other members.

    • ‘On the contrary, said Clark, the new party is dominated by former Canadian Alliance hard-liners, while most Red Tories from the former Progressive Conservatives have been relegated to the sidelines.’
    • ‘Whether you're NDP, Liberal, Green, a Red Tory, or an unaligned blogger with a progressive vision of Canada, you're welcome to join this group.’
    • ‘The term ‘place’ as defended by both Red Tories and environmentalists has some limitations I want to clarify by distinguishing the term ‘place’ from ‘locality.’’
    • ‘On social issues, too, there is no enormous divide between right-leaning Liberals and Red Tories.’
    • ‘Historically, Red Tories have stood strongest for Canadian sovereignty.’