Definition of red snapper in English:

red snapper


  • A reddish marine fish that is of commercial value as a food fish.

    a North Pacific rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus, family Scorpaenidae).

    a tropical fish of the snapper family (genus Lutjanus, family Lutjanidae).

    • ‘After that came a variety of fish, from red snappers to barracuda - around 13 different species in the space of two hours.’
    • ‘For many St Lucians fish - dorado, tuna, flying fish, red snapper and more - is a regular part of the daily diet.’
    • ‘I'm back from the market where I've bought tuna fish, red snapper and some walnut halves - all good stuff.’
    • ‘On this evening it featured a whole red snapper, tuna, salmon, enormous shrimp and sea bass.’
    • ‘Species currently threatened by overfishing include the Atlantic cod, the black sea bass, the red snapper, and some sharks.’