Definition of red river hog in English:

red river hog


  • another term for bush pig
    • ‘The great apes, gorillas and chimpanzees, form the core of this zone, which is also home to the mandrill baboon, the bongo antelope, and the red river hog.’
    • ‘As Gray walks around the zoo, she visits her favourite ‘neighbours’: the red river hogs and rare bongos.’
    • ‘Wild pigs include the warthog, giant forest hog and red river hog.’
    • ‘Other new attractions planned for the zoo include an exhibit called Miniature Monkeys, a new home for the red river hogs and the opening of the Macaw Forest Zone.’
    • ‘I did, however, see a small monkey with enormous military moustaches, a satyr tragopan (answers on a postcard), and a pair of red river hogs - each of which were fairly exciting in their own way.’