Definition of red ragger in English:

red ragger


  • A communist or socialist.

    ‘I heard her referred to as a red ragger, because of her suffragist activities’
    • ‘Frequently I heard her referred to as a 'red-ragger', because of her suffragist activities.’
    • ‘Another one of them rich red-raggers concerned about refugees.’
    • ‘This bloke has gotta be the biggest red ragger I have come across.’
    • ‘Hello, James, me old red ragger.’
    • ‘To many people he was just a Red Ragger, but to me he seemed a down-to-earth working man.’
    • ‘You're swallowing that Marxist bullshit they're pushing down your throat at those bloody red-ragger meetings you go to.’
    • ‘The image of the gun-toting red-ragger springs to mind when people remember the shearers' strikes.’
    • ‘He said if I spoke as a red ragger my son would not get into the school.’
    • ‘He'd spouted a lot of red-ragger stuff in the old days.’
    • ‘My father was so mortified that he accused me of being a red ragger.’


Early 20th century: from an allusion to a red flag as a symbol of communism or socialism.