Definition of red pine in English:

red pine


  • Any of a number of coniferous trees which yield reddish timber.

    a North American pine (Pinus resinosa, family Pinaceae).

    (NZ)another term for rimu

    • ‘The nursery grows mainly white spruce, black spruce, Norway spruce, jack pine, red pine, eastern white pine, Scots pine and smaller amounts of various other species.’
    • ‘The tree, an old red pine, scraggly in its lower branches, cracked in two with less warning than an incoming mortar and the top leaped into flames.’
    • ‘The area remains largely unspoiled and uninhabited, complete with undammed rivers and 90-year-old cedars and white and red pines.’
    • ‘Common upland tree species were white pine, red pine, hemlock, sugar maple, and yellow birch.’
    • ‘The forests include such conifers as red spruce, black spruce, white spruce, balsam fir, red pine, jack pine, eastern white pine, tamarack, eastern white cedar, and eastern hemlock.’