Definition of red kangaroo in English:

red kangaroo


  • A large kangaroo of Australian grasslands, the male of which has a russet-red coat and the female typically a blue-gray coat.

    Macropus rufus, family Macropodidae

    See also blue flyer
    • ‘For an instant, a small tree glows in the light, then a bush, then three red kangaroos.’
    • ‘A 150-pound red kangaroo was found hopping along the highway near here, and no one seems to know where it came from.’
    • ‘There are red kangaroos bounding all over the place, it is a beautiful bit of dry bush country.’
    • ‘Largest and fleetest are the red kangaroos of the wide open plains of inland Australia.’
    • ‘There was this big red kangaroo on the top of this rock.’