Definition of red hand in English:

red hand


  • The arms or badge of Ulster, a red left hand cut off squarely at the wrist.

    Also called bloody hand
    • ‘He's not fit to wear this badge, the red hand of Ulster.’
    • ‘In some of the villages Union Jacks and the red hand of Ulster fluttered on lamp posts.’
    • ‘Miller said he was surprised by the furore, adding that he knew of the red hand's use in GAA and denied he was making a comparison between unionism and fascism.’
    • ‘But Zoe Salmon, who became the show's 30th presenter last month, comes from Northern Ireland and her choice was the red hand of Ulster, a symbol regularly used by loyalists and paramilitaries.’
    • ‘The red hand of Ulster was placed on the Sam Maguire Cup as Tyrone won the All Ireland senior football championship for the first time in the history of the GAA.’