Definition of red coral in English:

red coral

(also precious coral)


  • A branching pinkish-red horny coral which is used in jewellery.

    Genus Corallium, order Gorgonacea, class Anthozoa

    • ‘This drops down 20m, where it breaks up into dustcart-sized rocks covered in brown and red algae, purple and rose-red fronds, sea pens and small red corals.’
    • ‘By contrast, the starboard propeller is lying under the hull, away from the light, and is adorned in soft red corals.’
    • ‘Black and red corals are protected under the New Zealand Wildlife Act and we were careful not to damage these corals that may have taken hundreds of years to grow.’
    • ‘Black coral is not a common sight - much of it ends up as jewellery, like the red coral you see in souvenir shops in Tunisia, and of which too little remains in these comparatively shallow waters.’
    • ‘To acquire precious corals, they pull big blocks along the flanks of the seamount and then, using attached nets, capture whatever breaks off.’