Definition of red box in English:

red box


  • A box, typically covered with red leather, used by a Minister of State to hold official documents.

    • ‘Our red boxes tell us what to do and our diaries are full of meetings, mostly pointless ones.’
    • ‘Some politicians must say farewell to their red boxes, while others will discover the joys of a ministerial limousine.’
    • ‘Every day of her life she has had to do the red boxes, the documents, receive ambassadors, go round the world - indeed she probably has more experience than any other head of state.’
    • ‘This is the brief his officials will not have slipped into his overstuffed red box this Jubilee weekend - but which would set him off on the right track.’
    • ‘Watched by two beefy minders in the row behind, the prime minister was working diligently on his red boxes, accompanied by Cherie in sparky mode and their daughter, Kathryn.’
    • ‘‘He cracked open the ministerial red box,’ an aide said.’
    • ‘Or perhaps he will get a red box, in which case, will be asked to go on the Pro-Euro bus tour?’
    • ‘We clamber aboard army lorries along with the PM's red boxes and his staff.’
    • ‘Kelly is admired in Westminster for the way she balances her family life and career, being the only minister who does not take her red boxes home at night.’
    • ‘The fact that he put the letter in his red box is significant.’
    • ‘When new Transport Secretary Stephen Byers opens his ministerial red box, he will have to sort out one hell of a mess.’
    • ‘The red box is filled every evening with ministerial homework - letters to sign, briefings to read - and returned every morning with the minister's instructions.’
    • ‘However he wasn't holding his Ministerial red box and was wearing a hat, which made him look like an ordinary member of the public.’
    • ‘The report says he sent the letter in his red box to his private office.’
    • ‘When the Prime Minister told one interviewer recently that he did think about a future life without the red boxes, he had his family very much in mind.’
    • ‘I can't speak for other ministers, but I arrange my life in such a way that I do my red boxes in the office, using the internet.’
    • ‘They may soon have an extra piece of paper to sign, in addition to those found in their Ministerial red boxes.’
    • ‘If the capital is inconvenienced, Ministers must drop their red boxes and sort it out.’
    • ‘He may even relish having some time to walk, read poetry, enjoy a glass of Burgundy and relax without the red boxes.’
    • ‘On Sunday, I would normally have been going through my red box.’


red box