Definition of red algae in English:

red algae


  • A large group of algae that includes many seaweeds that are mainly red in colour. Some kinds yield useful products (agar, alginates) or are used as food (laver, dulse, carrageen).

    • ‘Other red algae known as dulse have been pinpointed as rich sources of protein and iron, although dulse may not be easily digested.’
    • ‘There are more than 5200 species of rhodophytes, and although some rhodophytes do inhabit fresh water, red algae are most common in tropical marine environments.’
    • ‘It is almost certain that these chloroplasts were ‘adopted’ from red algae by some secondary symbiosis, rather than by descent from the Rhodophyta.’
    • ‘The predicted increase in the rate of coral reef calcification is most likely due to an enhancement in coral metabolism and/or increases in photosynthetic rates of red algae, according to the scientists.’
    • ‘Multicellular marine organisms may have existed as early as 1.7 billion years ago, and plants identifiable as red algae were certainly growing 1.2 billion years ago.’