Definition of red-rimmed in English:



  • (of the eyes) having the inner edges of the eyelids reddened as a result of crying or irritation.

    ‘red-rimmed eyes fighting back tears’
    • ‘There had been such pain in his red-rimmed eyes, that she could gladly have throttled the wicked wretch that had brought him to such a pass.’
    • ‘Her red-rimmed eyes gave away the fact she had recently been crying.’
    • ‘As they came up the path, Marianne could see that Margaret's eyes were red-rimmed, her face flushed.’
    • ‘I couldn't face my teammates and coach with red-rimmed eyes.’
    • ‘The door slammed open and William, with red-rimmed, crazed eyes, stubble and messy hair, appeared at the doorway.’
    • ‘Narrowing his red-rimmed eyes, he said, "Well, I'll be damned."’
    • ‘For the past 30 years, I've had a low-level eye infection that gives me a distressing red-rimmed appearance.’
    • ‘Lillian rubbed at her red-rimmed eyes.’
    • ‘His eyes were red-rimmed with lack of sleep, as he sat behind a three-inch glass screen and communicated with a phone held to his ear.’
    • ‘His eyes were red-rimmed, as if he had been crying, or rubbing them, time and again.’
    • ‘Rachel was seated with that dragon of a mother of hers, and she had red-rimmed eyes and a swollen nose.’
    • ‘"I'm hoping for the best and expecting the worst," he says, rubbing eyes that are red-rimmed from lack of sleep.’
    • ‘His eyes were red-rimmed, his lips chapped.’
    bloodshot, inflamed
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