Definition of red-figure in English:



  • usually as modifier A type of ancient Greek pottery, originating in Athens in the late 6th century BC, in which figures are outlined and details added in black, and the background is then filled in with black to leave the figures in the red colour of the clay.

    ‘a red-figure vase’
    Compare with black-figure
    • ‘Additions to the artistic repertoire include large-scale hollow-cast bronzes, Etruscan red-figure vase painting, and elaborate stone sarcophagi.’
    • ‘Innovation was not limited to painters who employed the new red-figure technique.’
    • ‘And on the other hand we wanted to review the palette of colours to ensure that it fairly represented the black- and red-figure traditions of Greek vase painting.’
    • ‘The main scenes of both hydrias link the painters to the forefront of iconographic change; aspects of style, identified above, reflect one painter's close association with the red-figure technique.’
    • ‘The skill of the drawing equals, if it does not surpass, the finest work in red-figure pottery.’