Definition of red-brown in English:



  • A brown colour tinged with red.

    ‘loosely woven curtains of a homey red-brown’
    as modifier ‘a woman with a shock of red-brown hair stood next to me’
    • ‘Measles is a highly infectious viral disease that causes a range of symptoms including fever and distinctive red-brown spots.’
    • ‘It was filled with dark red-brown sticky clay in which were suspended fragments of large pink tourmaline crystals and some large bases of quartz crystals.’
    • ‘Matt wanted to get to language arts early so he could talk to Megan, a tall, red-brown haired girl, who he kind of liked, but wasn't sure about.’
    • ‘He frequently made curry for himself: dark red-brown and yellow-green curries with so much spice and heat that they ate through the glaze on our regular dishes.’
    • ‘The walls were made of wood, painted gray as sooty snow, and the floor was thick with red-brown sawdust.’
    • ‘She's very pretty, with curly dark red-brown hair to her shoulderblades, fair skin and brown eyes.’
    • ‘Egg color ranges from white to pale green-blue to red-brown.’
    • ‘Our eyes became blurred searching in the red-brown, soggy, spongy mess of rotten wood and leaves that comprised the forest floor.’
    • ‘It produces clusters of tiny, red-brown flowers in its second year.’
    • ‘A vast marina lay almost at my feet, with the San Francisco skyline and the red-brown Golden Gate Bridge in the distance across the water.’
    • ‘She is described as white, 5ft 7in, well-built, with a clear complexion, blue eyes and short red-brown hair.’
    • ‘Great parts of their works still survive, including the domed round keep tower and the protuding mighty gatehouse of the inner bailey constructed in a warm red-brown sandstone with distinctive green stone addictions.’
    • ‘She has red-brown, extremely long hair, usually tied in a plait with two dreadlocks behind each ear.’
    • ‘The cat has a slender body with red-brown or gray fur, and black and white markings around its face.’
    • ‘None of the farmers had large properties and all had to struggle to make a living from the red-brown earth.’
    • ‘His nose and toe pads, which would be black on a black dog, are red-brown.’
    • ‘In the left panel, a red-brown ravine in the foreground, and purple mountains rising in the background against a bright pink sky, suggest the rugged terrain of the American West.’
    • ‘Beef should be hung for at least two weeks, be deep red-brown rather than vivid scarlet, and shiny rather than wet.’
    • ‘Melanin, which provides a range of colors from gray to black, buff to red-brown and brown, provides camouflage for many birds and display colors for others.’
    • ‘Her ramshackle school set amid the flat pine trees and red-brown sand of rural Kenya suffers a shortage of books.’